Plagues Of Anger

I sit amongst the flames of fury

Plotting your demise

Never yielding to the cry of your anguish

Your stubborn pride causing your downfall

Your pitiful riches never saving you as you messed up my life

Your tears never able to quench my burning anger

As you beg for a drop of water

You laughed at the passing of those dear to me

Shifted your eyes from my suffering and

plotted my downfall

Now watch as I pour poison on the faces of your generation

Whose stubbornness are as hard as the bones of their predecessors

A mixture of a scorpion’s sting and a snakes’ veno

Will be nothing more than an eyesore

As I cut open the heavens raining thunder from the skies

With the storms by my side

I rock the edges of your inglorious foundations

The nest of anger I built for you were not enough

Hence I decided to open an account

Seeing my rage alone was not enough

So I want you to have a taste of it

As I smash your head against the wall

Pleading that suicide will be mercy

I turn a blind eye to your plea

All along I wait to hear you say

‘What is wrong?

How can I help?’

And those three golden words

‘I am sorry’

Yet all these elude me

Meanwhile I still await to hear those words

Till then, feel my wrath.

Author: Emmanuel Osei-Asante

Articles: 168