Computer Forensics, Information Security, and Cyber Crime Investigation

  • Introduction to Computer Forensics and Cybercrime

  • Computer/ Digital Forensics Processes and Standard Operation Process (SOP)

  • Crime scene and Seizure of Digital Devices best practices

  • Computer Investigation Processes and Law In Computer Forensics

  • Computer Security Incident Response and Computer
    Forensics Lab
  • Understanding File Systems and Computer Hardware
  • Data Acquisition and Duplication

  • Investigation Logs and Web Attacks

  • Tracking E-Mails and IP Addresses

  • Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Tools

  • Digital Evidence, Investigations, Interviews, and Interrogation

  • Mobile Forensics

Admission Requirements

This course is open to all participants who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in cybercrime investigations. No previous knowledge in investigations or computer skills in required though they are desirable. Participants have to bring along their laptops.

Contacts for enquiry and registration: 
  1. Mr Mac-Millan Bruce – 055 742 
  2. Mr. Samuel Amo – 050 168
  3. Dr. Charles Acheampong – 024 485 5749 –