Professional Diploma in Functional and Advanced Investigations


Wisconsin International University College is organising an intensive weekends only Professional Diploma course in Functional Security Management and Advanced Investigations.

This is a professional course designed to equip participants with a greater depth of knowledge and skills in the area of security management and investigations.

Participants will be exposed to and trained to plan and execute security-related strategies for preventing, minimising and solving problems relating to fraud, murder, theft, background checks, cyber-crime, threat and vulnerability through various types of investigations. Participants who wish to set up businesses in any of these areas will also benefit from lessons in entrepreneurship and small business management.


The course is for members of the state security agencies, law enforcement agencies, private security organisations, laboratory technicians and individuals seeking a career in the security services.


Our resource persons are high-profile experts in the field of security and investigations.


Participants who have completed the Basic and Advanced Certificate courses in Security Management are eligible for the Professional Diploma in Functional Security Management and Advanced Investigations programme. However, those who do not have both certificates and wish to enroll on the programme will be required to write a standard exam in order to qualify for admission.


Graduates of this programme may work for any of the law enforcement agencies or in the security industry, in law firms, banking institutions, airport, seaport, school campuses, mines, hotels and hospitals as risk/ forensic managers.

Contacts for enquiry and registration: 
  1. Mr Mac-Millan Bruce – 055 742 
  2. Mr. Samuel Amo – 050 168
  3. Dr. Charles Acheampong – 024 485 5749 –