Student Handbook

Payment of fees

Students are encouraged to pay their fees in full at the beginning of each semester. However, you can make partial payments in instalments if you are unable to pay in full.

To be eligible for registration, you are required to make the following initial payment:

  • 75% of fees for new students
  • 50% of fees for continuing students

Full settlement of outstanding fees should be made no later than two (2) weeks before the end-of-semester examinations.

Registration process

Make payments (Semester fees) at the on-campus bank. (See Fees page on WIUC website for bank details or Accounts Office)

Present your bank slips and your ID (Passport or university-issued ID) to the Accounts Office.

Fill in the “Registration Form” with the basic details and submit it to your Faculty/School for course assignment and registration.

Open Normal Registration
  1. You must register in person for the courses you take at the beginning of each semester provided all payment terms are met. Payment of fees is not the same as registration. You MUST register after you have paid your fee.
  2. A University-Issued ID card is required for registration in person.
  3. There is no penalty within the first two weeks of registration or as stated for the semester in question.

Late Registration

Late registration begins the following working day after the close of the normal/open registration period.

A fee is associated with late registration (see Accounts Office).

Changing Programmes

Print and fill in the “Change of Programme Request Form”. The form is available on the website under Resources -Downloads.

Submit the completed form to your Faculty/School for processing. Pick up your approval/denial letter within 2-3 weeks.

Note: If the change requires that you take more than two courses to fulfil the requirements of your new programme, you will need to take those courses before the change is effected. No change is allowed after Level 200 Upper.

Deferring a Course/Programme

Print and fill in the “Deferment Form”. The form is available on the website under Resources – Downloads.

Submit the filled form to your Faculty/School for processing.

Note: You can defer a course or programme only within the period of registration. No deferment will be allowed after that period. If you defer a course/ programme without authorization, you will pay 75% of the semester fees as well as pay full fees for the subsequent semester.


You have to attend all your classes (online/virtual or face-to-face) and sign the class attendance register when you are required to. If you are absent from class over a period aggregating three (3) working weeks, you will be made to withdraw from the University College or repeat the course. You have to do all class assignments to earn marks for continuous assessment. Continuous assessment marks are required to help support your End-of-Semester examinations.

Timely submission of assignments

Assignments must be submitted on time.  Students must seek the lecturer’s permission if, for any reason, assignments cannot be handed in on time.

  • Any student who is found with examination questions before the examination will be dismissed. (Please download the document below and refer to Examination Regulations for details). Any student caught indulging in examination malpractices will write a statement immediately to be signed by the invigilator. Evidence of the malpractice is attached to the statement and submitted to the Disciplinary Committee.
  • It is an offence to try to influence a lecturer or other member of staff by any means to change your marks or assist you in cheating at an examination.
Attendance at end-of-semester examinations

Only students who have fully paid their fees and have no pending disciplinary cases will be allowed to sit for their end-of-semester examinations.

Penalty for non-attendance of examinations

Students who fail to sit for their end-of-semester examinations because they owe fees will have to repeat the Semester under the following conditions:

  • Pay 75% of the previous semester’s fees.
  • Pay full fees (100%) to repeat the semester (follow the Registration process)

Examination notice

You will be served with the examination regulations at the beginning of the end-of-semester examinations.

Punishment for any examination malpractice is severe and includes suspension, cancellation of paper(s), and dismissal.

Qualifying to write examinations

You qualify to write your end-of-semester examinations, if:

  • you have registered on schedule and fully paid your fees
  • you have continuous assessment work for all the courses taken;
  • you are not under suspension or withdrawn from the University.

Location of examinations and seating arrangements

These will be determined by the Registrar’s department and indicated on the timetable.

Student Identity Card

Your ID card will be inspected during the examination.  You must place it on the table.

You will not be permitted to write a paper if you do not have an ID card.

If you have misplaced/lost your ID card, arrange to have it replaced at a fee (See Accounts office) before you sit for an examination.

Attendance at the examination venue

You should be present at the venue 30 minutes before the start of a paper.

If you appear 30 minutes after the start of a paper, you may not be allowed to write that paper.

If you arrive 10 or 20 minutes after the start of a paper, you will not be allowed extra time to write your paper.

  1. You are not allowed to bring into the examination room any of the following items: Books, papers and written information on any unauthorized material. Bags,  mobile/cell   phones,   programmable   calculators   (except expressly allowed).
  2. You are not allowed to enter an examination room, except you are called to do so.

Examination Malpractice (Includes) Download the student handbook below to read more
When you cause a leakage of questions (i.e., you know the questions before the paper is taken).Dismissal of offenders involved
When you possess a material that has a bearing on the paper being takenCancellation of Paper. The candidate shall earn a mark of zero (0) for the paper and therefore shall be deemed to have failed the examination.
When you copy from prepared notes or a colleague’s script during examinationsCancellation of paper. The candidate shall earn a mark of zero (0) for the paper and therefore shall be deemed to have failed the examination. Besides, the candidate shall be rusticated for two semesters.
When you persist in looking over other candidates’ shoulders with intent to cheatCancellation of paper. The candidate shall earn a mark of zero (0) for the paper and therefore shall be deemed to have failed the examination.
When you impersonate another candidate or allow yourself to be impersonated.Dismissal of candidates involved
Wisconsin International University College, Ghana Grading System
Letter GradeWIUCGrade Point/Credit ValueInterpretation
A+65-693.75Very Good
B+55-593Above Average

To calculate your GPA for UG and UCC programs:

  • Multiply the grade points achieved in the courses you take by their respective credit hours
  • Add the figures up
  • Divide by the sum of the total credits earned

Example below

CourseGradeCreditGrade PointGrade Value

GPA: 52.00/26 = 2.00


Grade Description (I)


KNUST uses the Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA)


CWA = Cumulative Weighted Marks/Cumulative Credits

The information in this student handbook is provided to make your time here at Wisconsin International University College, Ghana pleasant, easy and memorable. Please read ALL the information carefully

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