ICAG Courses

Introduction of ICAG Courses


We are pleased to announce the commencement of tuition for courses of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana [ICAG]. The courses are being run by the Wisconsin Centre for Professional Studies [WCPS].

WCPS is the non-academic and professional training unit of Wisconsin International University College (WIUC). The programmes are a combination of theory and hands-on practical work that aim at equipping students/participants with the skills that promote their performance at the workplace or set them on the path of becoming professionals in their areas of interest.

Level (All Levels):
  1. Level One (1),
  2. Level Two (2),
  3. Level Three (3)
WCPS has four units /sections:
  • Accounting and Audit [ICA, CIMA, CFE, CIA, CIPFA, etc.]
  • Banking, Finance & Investment [CIB, CFA, FRM, TREASURY, etc.]
  • Information Technology [CISCO, CISA, etc.]
  • Diversified Programmes [CIT, PURCHASE & SUPPLY, CITL, EXTRA MURAL STUDIES, etc.]
  1. Quality tuition
  2. Practical Training and Coaching.

Contacts for enquiry and registration: 

  1. Dr. Charles Acheampong – 0244 855 759 –  charles.acheampong@wiuc-ghana.edu.gh
  2. Samuel Amo – 0501682119 – sam.amo@wiuc-ghana.edu.gh
  3.  Prince Dweteh – 0248288824 – prince.dweteh@wiuc-ghana.edu.gh
  4.  Martin Luke-Tay – martin.tay@wiuc-ghana.edu.gh
  5. Tetteh Samadji – mtsamadji@wiuc-ghana.edu.gh