Wisconsin Journal

The Wisconsin Journal publishes research/teaching notes/case papers/position papers to develop and disseminate knowledge to students, practitioners, researchers, educators and the general public both within Wisconsin International University College- Ghana and beyond. The Wisconsin journal was inaugurated in 2010 and two issues are published each year. The journal follows a rigorous blind review of all manuscripts submitted for publication.

ISSN (ISSN-L): 2026-5166

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Before submitting an article, please carefully read the journal's guidelines and the review and publication process.

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The Wisconsin Journal aspires to become a vehicle for inspiring and disseminating research papers, articles, case studies, review articles in selected subject areas by academicians, research scholars, corporate and practitioners with substantial experience and expertise in their respective fields. The journal seeks to become the leading journal in higher learning education within Africa and beyond.


The Wisconsin Journal is the flagship publication of the Wisconsin International University College – Ghana. The Journal seeks to; i. efficiently and promptly publish rigorous, accessible, and in-dept articles that will help practitioners in their daily work, lifelong learning, and career development, ii. advance the field of academia through the publication of peer-reviewed research and scholarship that contributes to our understanding and improvement of the learning experiences of all students and practitioners. iii. disseminate scholarly research articles beyond the immediate academic circles.

The Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief - Dr. Eric Ansong

Department of Operations Management & Information Systems School of Research and Graduate Studies Wisconsin International University College, Ghana.

Prof. Edmund Kwaw

Faculty of Law Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Angela Kwartemaa Acheampong

School of Nursing and Midwifery Wisconsin International University College, Ghana.

Dr. Charles Turkson

School of Business University of Dundee Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dr. Elias Megbetor

Department of Accounting, Finance & Banking Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Joseph Nyarkotei Dorh

Managing Director Prime Insurance Company Limited. Ghana

Dr. Mrs. Juliana Akushika Andoh

Department of Marketing University of Professional Studies - Accra. Ghana

Dr. Patrick Kudjo

School of Computing & Technology Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Kofi Annan

School of Computing & Technology Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Oduro Mensah

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Louis Doe Atsiatorme

Department of Environmental Studies Wisconsin International University College Ghana

Dr. Boni Yao Gebe

Department of International Relations Wisconsin International University College, Ghana

Mr. Nii Barnor Jonathan Barnor

Department of Management Sciences School of Business University of Education, Winneba Ghana

Guidelines for Submissions

All articles submitted for consideration should carefully meet the journal's guidelines

Articles must be written in clear and concise English (UK or US, but consistently) and be carefully proofread before submission.

The Editors reserve the right to adjust the style to standards of uniformity.

Files should be provided in MS Word format (.doc) or PDF and should be formatted for direct printing using the template provided.

Figures and tables should be embedded in the main document and not supplied separately.

  • Is the article prepared and formatted according to the journal guidelines?
  • Are the article objectives and research questions clear and objective?
  • Are the relevant concepts for the work understanding clearly identified and defined?
  • Does the work improve the understanding of a specific subject?
  • Does the article contain an appropriate number of references?
  • Are the used approaches, methods, procedures, etc., appropriate regarding the objectives and the research questions?
  • Are the major conclusions well justified?
  • Does the article make a new and meaningful contribution to the existing literature in terms of theory or practice?
  • Has the author given proper citation to the sources used?
  1. Research Articles (6000 to 10,000 words; peer reviewed)
  2. Case Studies (up to 7,500 words; peer reviewed)
  3. Reflective Essays (up to 8,000 words; peer reviewed)
  4. Review Articles (up to 8,000 words; peer reviewed)
  5. Research Briefs (up to 4,500 words; peer reviewed)
  6. Policy and Practice Briefs (up to 3,500 words; peer reviewed)
  1. Open access policy and copyright
  2. Originality of article statement
  3. Authorship and author consent policy
  4. Ethics approval
  5. Research involving humans
  6. Consent for publication
  7. Competing and conflicts of interest
  8. Peer review policy
  9. Textual overlap and suspected plagiarism