Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management

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This certificate course focuses on teaching fundamental and practical skills and competencies to provide preventive occupational health and safety which is necessary for individuals, professionals and the general public to acquire in any field of work they find themselves. Programme Content
  • History of the safety movement.
  • The Ghana Labour Act 651, 2003
  • Safety and health programs.
  • Accident causes and types of accidents.
  • Effective Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Occupational safety and health performance measurement.
  • Responsibility for occupational safety and health.
  • Organization of the safety and health function.
  • Safety inspections.
  • Occupational safety and health training.
  • Occupational safety and health standards.
  • OSHA’s role in occupational safety and health.
  • Role of the promotional program and its implementation.
  • Safety committees and safety teams.
  • Incident and Accident Investigation Reporting.
  • The role of insurance and risk management/ loss control in occupational safety and health.
  • Introduction to International Standardization Organization Series (ISO)
The following groups are eligible for this programme:
  • Factory workers
  • Mining
  • Upstream and Downstream oil workers
  • Health workers
  • Construction workers
  • Other interested persons
  • Irrespective of where you choose to work, a strong understanding of workplace health and safety will always give you an edge over the competition. It is one of the few subjects that are universally relevant to every business and organisation the world over.
  • If you are already working, a recognized health and safety qualification could prove effective in enhancing promotion prospects. Employers always respond kindly to those who demonstrate their commitment to both the business and their own continuous-improvement.
  • Those who understand workplace health and safety are naturally in a better position to contribute to the overall health and safety culture of their own workplace. It is therefore a valid and valuable subject for all employees, including those who do not work directly in a health and safety capacity.
  • Businesses that flout health and safety legislation are usually prosecuted by the Government. The course in Occupational Health & Safety Management can help ensure that critical errors and oversights are avoided, which may otherwise result in disaster.