A Waste Of Love

I wait in your humble presence

Awaiting your call

Yet you look over your shoulder and call another

I grit my teeth in pain and sadness

As my heart fails to comprehend this act

The sun that has always been close to you

Is not adored ever once

But the moon that only draws a reflection is what is worshipped

I cannot grasp the act that is being displayed

As everyday I cry with my head in my palms

Hoping and praying that you will see a sign

Yet my prayers are never answered

And I begin to question myself

‘Are my feelings not enough?

What gift should I get for you?

What kind of person do you like?’

I try to change appearances to meet your desires

And every single time and day, I get the same rejection

Only to be placed as a friend even though I long for more

It saddens my aching heart

Whenever I see you with the wrong person

Yet you smile and I tell myself

‘Everything will be alright’

Knowing deep down that I will never be acknowledged

Yet I continue to stand strong for our friendship together

Sacrificing more than I can give

Just to see you happy

Yearning deep down for your embrace

I doubt and tell myself

‘This has been nothing but a waste of love’.

Author: Emmanuel Osei-Asante

Articles: 166