Wisconsin Environment and Development Society Supports Green Ghana Day 2023

The Development and Environmental Studies Department of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana joined in the campaign to promote environmental conservation and sustainability in Ghana at this year’s Green Ghana Day celebration.

The event held at Kasoa with the support of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana brought together both staff and students and formed part of the Ministry of Environment’s Green Ghana Day initiative to plant 10 million seedlings. The occasion was also used to encourage young people to actively participate in tree-planting initiatives to combat deforestation and enhance the country’s green cover.

Amongst the highlights of the event on the day included tree Planting and Educational Speeches to disseminate information about the importance of sustainable practices such as recycling, the role of trees in mitigating environmental degradation, and biodiversity conservation.

Prudential life insurance Ghana which played a vital role in organizing and promoting the event saw both CEO and staff participate in the tree-planting activities, underscoring the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The company also provided logistical support, including the provision of seedlings to ensure the success of the event.

The Green Ghana Day celebration served as a significant milestone in educating and promoting environmental conservation and sustainable practices in Ghana. The event successfully mobilized public participation, raised awareness, and emphasized the importance of tree planting in combating deforestation by fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

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