Women Empowerment


As part of the 19th SRC Week celebrations at Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, the organizers of the event organized a seminar dubbed “Women in Leadership” at the WIUC main campus in Accra last Wednesday.

The theme for the seminar was “On and Upward; The Era of the Empowered Woman.”

The seminar was graced by seasoned speakers such as the Director of Finance & Administration, ICAG, Joyce Opoku-Duodu, Growth Consultant, Vera Metzler-Hinson, USAG Women’s Commissioner, Amtu Akumfi-Ameyaw and the Dean of Students-WIUC, Sylvia Loretta Tetteh.

The first speaker, Joyce Opoku-Duodu, sharing her personal experience stated that very few people are able to start big from the beginning. However, most people begin from unassuming position. For a woman to be empowered she needs; vision, discipline, self-motivation, self-development and aim at achieving beyond expectations.

Miss. Amtu Akumfi-Ameyaw on her part mentioned that leadership is a long, tough and lonely journey so women must be prepared for it. She further added that an empowered woman goes after her objective and while at it, she impacts other people.

Speaking on the topic “Unleashing the ‘SHE’ potentials” Vera Metzler-Hinson noted that every person has a potential and that potential needs to be unleashed before the end of time. Women empowerment she explained is about influence and impact. “Women should have a clear purpose, embrace their uniqueness, be sensitive to times and seasons, build relationships and document their journey daily”. She further mentioned that an empowered woman has a name and that name can be known through; referrals, her job and because she became a solution to a challenge.

The Dean of Students at WIUC, Sylvia Loretta Tetteh, said that women empowerment is about self-worth and having the tenacity to get to your destination. Empowerment is not being domineering or showing others that you are in charge rather it is about aiming to be a better version of yourself and committing to help others also to become a better version of themselves she stressed.

Story by: Dorcas Abena Gyan Boateng

Wisconsin Radio, Ghana.

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