International Lens: An aspiring diplomat and a passionate model

WIUC-Ghana prepares Bamba Nakaridja, level 200, Bachelor of Business Studies from Ivory Coast to become a diplomat, as she aspires.

She expresses her passion for modelling as well. “I am a passionate model and I like to discover new things”.

Bamba Nakaridja
Choosing Friends

Nakaridja says she is very selective in choosing her friends. How does she do that? Intuition, she claims.

Cultural Shock

Typically, social behaviours may confuse or surprise international students. For example, you may find people appear cold, distant or always in a hurry

One of Nakaridja’s cultural shocks in Ghana, she shares with us is extravagant funeral parties. “I have observed Ghanaians organize big funeral parties and I find it strange. And everyone wears red and black”. She bemoans “Ghana is also too expensive to live compared to Cote d’Ivoire,”

Bamba Nakaridja

Nonetheless, she says Ghana is a beautiful place and she is glad for the experience.

Her favourite Ghanaian dish is Banku and Tilapia.

Nakaridja’s guide: “No matter what you do, be you, unique and learn to smile.”

International Lens

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