INTERNATIONAL LENS| I Now Have the Courage to Navigate Life on My Own -Student

Mouthi N’Gbossan Joseph, a native of Ivory Coast arrived in Ghana in January 2018 and joined the WIUC-Ghana community in September of the same year. He says his decision to study in Ghana has offered him a rare opportunity to learn more about another country.

As Mouthi puts it “My first week in Ghana, I was already happy to visit another Country and an opportunity to connect with international friends” Within a short time, he has developed a special palate for the Ghanaian dish Banku and okro stew.   

Mouthi, who is now a level 400 student at Business student describes himself as kind and easy-going. “I like to socialize and people like to be around me because they find me funny,” he shared.   

Mouthi N’Gbossan Joseph,

“Being part of one of the best private universities in the country has helped me a lot. First, by offering me the best lecturers to impact us academically and socially”

He doesn’t hide his excitement about the opportunities being a bilingual offer. “I am looking forward to use this knowledge acquired at WIUC-Ghana to impact my country and become one of the best bilingual accountants” he says.

Overcoming Indiscipline

Mouthi explained that some international students drop out of school for various reasons including peer pressure leading to social vices such as smoking and indiscriminate sexual immorality.

He admonishes international students to endeavor to keep the focus and know why they are studying in the university. “You have to know why you are here for and chose friends wisely,” he advised.

On lessons learnt being an international student, he mentioned Independence and Responsibility.

“After all these years away from, I now have the courage to navigate life on my own as a man”.

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