The young intelligent and ambitious Roy Obiri Yeboah, a level 300 Development and Environmental Studies student of Wisconsin International University College Ghana (WIUC-GH) has transcended his bounds in the academia to set up a fashion brand which trademarks as Tie Dye Mad House (TDMH). 

The Egyptian born Ghanaian young CEO started TDMH in the year 2018 with a focus on tie dye techniques that encapsulates the duality of African societies, specifically good and evil. TDMH seeks to discover identity in a positive and negative way. The message behind his logic is to use tie dye fashion as a means to portray all aspects of his society as a truly conscious Ghanaian while using it to tackle social vices. 

Through the different bright colors and psychedelic effects as showcased in his tie dye works, Roy expresses his spiritual beliefs spanning diverse religions.

Roy recounts how he had to spend almost 3years learning the craft of tie dye from a few friends he made at the Accra Arts Centre.

With just a year to go in his undergraduate programme at Wisconsin, Roy admits his time spent at Wisconsin International University College has been worthwhile saying ”Through schooling at WIUC-GH I have bettered my communication skills which has helped in my interaction with more people and in selling my wears”.

Roy and the TDMH featured at the latest Chalewote Street Art festival and other Arts festival which has given him the much needed exposure to grow his craft. 

Aside his tie and dye work, Roy is into hip hop music and has released his first album at the Chalewote festival called freedom fight, which is available on Soundcloud, Click here to listen 

He hopes to use his fashion brand to inspire young Africans and encourage all people of the black race not to hesitate to show the world their true bright colors.

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