Wisconsin International University College, Ghana Begins 2024 SHS Career Counselling And Higher Education Seminar

Wisconsin International University College, Ghana (WIUC-Ghana), has launched the 2024 Inter-Senior High School Career Counselling and Higher Education Seminar at Accra Girls High School, engaging over 350 students. This initiative which started two years ago, has reached students from various Senior High Schools in the Greater Accra Region.

The campaign’s goal is to empower and prepare SHS students, especially those in their final year, for university education and life beyond.

At the initial seminar at Accra Girls Senior High School, Mr. Fidel Tetteh, a lecturer from the School of Communication at WIUC-Ghana, guided students through various topics, offering insights into tertiary education, critical thinking, and making informed programme and career choices.

He also addressed common misconceptions about university education and informed students about how university programs align with career paths. The seminar featured an interactive session where students inquired about scholarship opportunities, suitable programmes and career choices, and the admissions process.

Students reported that the seminar clarified university programs and helped them understand the right career paths based on their strengths, traits, and characters. To date, WIUC’s seminars have benefited over 11,000 SHS students, with participation numbers expected to grow as more schools express interest. Mr. Nurudeen Mohammed, WIUC’s Director of Public Affairs, expressed optimism about the seminar’s impact and hopes it will reach more students in the Greater Accra Region and beyond in the coming years.

This seminar is part of WIUC’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, aiming to reach at least 10,000 SHS students annually across the country through career counseling, guidance, and mentorship.

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