Discovering Love and Adventure in Ghana: An Ivorian Student’s Journey

Meet Attoumoh Marie-Tiphanie, a vibrant Ivorian student pursuing a BA in Business Studies and Accounting at the Accra campus of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana.

Since her arrival in September 2020, Marie-Tiphanie has embarked on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion in the heart of West Africa. Despite identifying as an introvert, Marie-Tiphanie’s passion for dance has propelled her into a world of diverse experiences.

From captivating performances at embassy events to dynamic collaborations with fellow artists from across the African continent, she has embraced every opportunity to showcase her talent and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Transitioning from her beloved Ivorian cuisine, where Garba reigns supreme, Marie-Tiphanie has developed a newfound appreciation for Ghanaian delicacies, particularly relishing the flavors of yam with stew. Alongside her culinary adventures, she finds solace and inspiration in the rich tapestry of gospel and urban music that fills the Ghanaian airwaves.

Reflecting on her academic journey at WIUC-Ghana, Marie-Tiphanie commends the interactive nature of her lectures and the inclusive approach adopted by her professors.

In contrast to her homeland, she finds Ghana to be a haven of peace and tranquility, fostering an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. However, amidst the joys of exploration and learning, Marie-Tiphanie has encountered her fair share of challenges. Fluctuating dollar rates and economic instability have posed obstacles to her daily life, requiring her to navigate budgeting and financial management with resilience and determination.

Additionally, linguistic differences have presented communication barriers, reinforcing the importance of adaptability and cultural sensitivity in her interactions with the local community.

As a second-year student at WIUC-Ghana, Marie-Tiphanie has embraced the ethos of independence and self-reliance, cultivating valuable habits of resourcefulness and thriftiness. She encourages her peers to adopt a similar mindset, emphasizing the importance of fiscal responsibility and prudent decision-making in their academic and personal endeavors.

In Marie-Tiphanie’s journey of self-discovery and academic pursuit, Ghana has become more than just a destination — it’s a place where dreams are realized, friendships are forged, and love knows no boundaries.

As she continues to navigate the complexities of life away from home, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of knowledge, adventure, and above all, love.

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