WIUC-Ghana Business School Inaugurates Executive Committee to Lead Formation Of Maiden Students Association

The Wisconsin International University College, Ghana Business School has inaugurated a new executive committee, the first of its kind since the commencement of the Business school. The executives are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the formation of a Business Students Association to among other things provide strategic vision and leadership and other essential services that support student success in the Faculty.

The executive committee has also been tasked to work collaboratively and cross-functionally with all units of the university including students, faculty, staff, administration, and community to design programmes and activities that will go to enhance the image of the Business School.

Speaking at the inauguration of the committee, the President of the University College Professor Obeng Mireku, underscored the profound importance of the Students Association within academic institutions speaking of their pivotal role in shaping student leaders, emphasizing the virtues of corporate branding, teamwork, and academic excellence.

Professor Mireku tasked the executives to work as a team and reiterated the importance of unwavering dedication and fervent passion in the pursuit of shared goals while inspiring the students to embark on this new chapter with zeal, determination, and a profound sense of purpose and harmony.

The President also commended the Dean of the Business School, Dr. Bright Mawudor, and his team of faculty members for the initiative to start a Business School Students Association to champion the course of the school.

Dean of the Business School, Dr. Bright Mawudor on his part painted a vivid picture of a student’s journey, one that transcends the confines of textbooks and examinations, articulating the significance of student associations as hubs of social interaction, fostering invaluable relationships, networking opportunities, and mentorship. He believes the formation of such an association will forge strategic partnerships with alumni and institutions worldwide, a testament to his dedication to holistic student development further underscoring the importance of community engagement and collaborative endeavors.

Vanessa Esi Brainewa Gand, the newly appointed Interim President pledged to lead the team with humility and inclusivity, placing a premium on student involvement and the organization of impactful events that would leave an indelible mark on the school community. Vanessa expressed hope and a palpable sense of optimism heralding the dawn of a new era in the history of the WIUC-Ghana Business School.

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