ACEP And Wisconsin International University College Ghana End Campus Rally on Strengthening Accountability in Resource Governance

Africa Center for Energy Policy, (ACEP) a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to contribute to and deliver high-quality research and advisory services for effective governance and aid in drawing sustainable policy reforms has collaborated with one of the leading private universities in Ghana Wisconsin International University College, Ghana to hold a Campus Rally on Strengthening Accountability in Resource Governance through Active Citizenship.

Policy Lead at ACEP in charge of Petroleum and Conventional Energy, Kodzo Yaotse outlining the objective of the Rally said the aim is towards creating a strong connection between natural resource endowment and sustainable and inclusive socioeconomic development in Africa through evidence-based research and advocacy. He said the challenges of natural resources and revenue management in Ghana and Africa which is largely attributed to a lack of accountability and corruption on the part of governments.

The Policy Lead further urged and outlined ways students can actively participate in the country’s natural resource and revenue management while holding governments accountable. Among the critical findings are the non-existence of reported oil revenue-funded projects, costs and time overruns of projects, underutilization of projects, partial delivery of projects, thin spreading of petroleum revenues, etc.

Speaking at the event, the President of the Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, Professor Obeng Mireku described the collaboration between the two institutions as a testament to its commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships in pursuit of common goals, adding that “together, we can contribute greatly to cultivating a culture of transparency and accountability; two of our university’s key value preposition in resource governance for the betterment of our nation”.

The President of Wisconsin said that despite challenges in the resource and revenue management in Ghana and Africa notwithstanding, there lies tremendous opportunities for progress as Ghana’s youth represent a formidable force for change, possessing the passion, creativity, and energy to drive positive transformations in resource governance.

The event is part of ACEP’s efforts towards creating an Africa where the resources and revenues accrued from the extractive and energy sectors are utilized effectively for economic growth and inclusive sustainable development.

ACEP has been undertaking value-for-money assessments of petroleum revenue-funded projects in Ghana through the Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA) over the past few years. The aim of these assessments is to promote the efficient use of petroleum revenues to ensure efficiency in spending and equitable sharing of petroleum resources as prescribed in the Petroleum Revenue Management Act (PRMA) 815 2011, amended.

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