International Lens: Kevin Kone Shares His Experience

Our lenses caught up with Kevin Kone, a level 400 Lower Economics student from Gabon who shares with us his time as an international student at Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. With an infectious smile, Kevin describes himself in three words ‘appreciative, content and grateful person’. As a Christian who believes in God, Kevin is very prayerful and fellowships with the Love Reign Bible Church.

Kevin’s reason for coming to study in Ghana and not his home country Gabon is simply that, Gabonese University both Private and Public embark on frequent strike actions, which often hampers and disrupts studies. However, with the option of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana he says he is assured his education is secured and a guarantee of completing within the stipulated period. Additionally, Kevin says he chose to study in Ghana because he wanted to learn the English language. His favorite course he says is Macro Economics under BSc Economics.

With a captivating smirk, Kevin tells us about the beauty of his country Gabon, speaking about the stunning forest areas and beautiful landscape, fine beaches in the middle of town, and the clean and serene townships.  

Kevin always likes to communicate because he says this makes him confident. He says he likes to assist people with transparency, open heart, and love. The leader he is, Kevin says he has a penchant for leading others; a spirit that has earned him the 4th President of the International Students Association of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana (WISA).

Kevin is full of praise for the beautiful and diverse Ghanaian culture. Out of his own curiosity, he says he has observed traces of Ivorian and Togolese values in the Ga community, adding that he is determined to take a piece of the Ghanaian culture back home when he is done with his schooling in Ghana by learning the Ghanaian language. When put on the spot to mention a few words learned so far, he utters, ‘y3nko’ in Twi which means ‘let’s go’, and ‘Akwaaba’ in Twi which means ‘welcome’.

On some of his most striking moments in Ghana, Kelvin tells us about his rather unpleasant experience. He says whenever he visited the market during his early days in Ghana, due to his weak appreciation of the local Ghanaian language he always found himself being short-changed by market folks, but he has since managed to deal with that by only buying from honest vendors.

His favorite Ghanaian dishes are Waakye and Fufu with Palm nut and Light Soup.

Kevin uses his leisure time to read, visit friends, watch television, and sleep.

Kevin says he also enjoys playing and watching football, reading books about self and personal development, and also a bit of a party freak.

When quizzed about his most favored destination when granted the opportunity for a vacation trip, he opted for Cuba (a small nation on the Continent of North America). Only why Cuba, Kevin says he is fascinated with old cities with a touch of modernization. He loves nature.

Kevin’s advice to his mates is to be economically savvy, be responsible, not get influenced, and focus on their academic success.

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