Victoria Halrry Ruth Asiamah: The Unique Case of a Dual National

Victoria Halrry Ruth Asiamah, a second-year LLB student at Wisconsin International University College in Ghana is Gabonesse born and raised with dual citizenship of Gabon and Ghana. Victoria arrived in Ghana in 2019 to further her education.

Why LLB and how her uniqueness equips her?

Though her course of study is her dad’s choice, she believes her dad’s choice is in line with her passion and is happy to be perusing the course. Victoria’s dad chose LLB for her because he saw her passion for solving problems and helping others, both of which are essential skills for a good lawyer. He also recognized that a law degree is versatile and has the potential of opening her up to a wide range of career options.

To Victoria, an LLB degree not only satisfies her love for books but also equips her with the necessary skills to critically analyze and interpret laws and regulations, making her a valuable asset in various industries and her community.

She also shares that her passion for social justice led her to pursue a law degree with a focus on International Human Rights law. Victoria’s experiences as an international student, traversing the reality of adulthood have given her a unique perspective that she plans to bring to her future work in the field.

Victoria Harry Ruth Asiamah hopes to use her legal education to advocate for the rights of marginalized communities around the world, particularly those who face language barriers and cultural discrimination.

Dealing with ‘Not fitting in’

Like any other international student who has to do extra to overcome the language barrier, Victoria describes the experience of breaking and bridging the language barrier as overwhelming.

Victoria however has a peculiar challenge; she bears a Ghanaian second name because her father is Ghanaian leading her to a rather annoying street interrogation of “How come you’re Ghanaian and can’t speak Twi”?

In Gabon, she also has to deal with the constant alarm from people about her name sounding unfamiliar and non-native. Nonetheless, Victoria remains proud of her heritage and is always eager to learn more about both cultures and languages.

Victoria admitted she dislikes being treated like she doesn’t belong due to her dual nationality. When asked how she deals with that, she mummers, “Smiles and moves on”

She believes that there is no point in dwelling on things that cannot be changed and prefer to focus on the present moment. Her positive attitude helps her to overcome challenges and find solutions to problems. “You can’t change people’s perceptions. You only have to find a way to manage it”, she stated.

By the end of this conversation, Victoria had realized the importance of turning her situation around to celebrate her uniqueness. By celebrating her uniqueness, she can bring a fresh perspective to her work and make a positive impact on the lives of those she advocates for.

Appreciating Her Roots

‘My experience has changed my way of seeing things. I have learned to appreciate my Ghanaian side. I used to view things from a narrow perspective, but my experiences have taught me to see the world in a more open-minded way. As I learn to appreciate my Ghanaian side, I have gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for other cultures as well,” Victoria tells me with a brilliant smile.


In her free time, she loves to read, sing, model, and design (clothes).

She believes that her passion for modeling allows her to express herself creatively, while her observations on the cultural differences between Gabon and Ghana have given her a deeper appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism.


Now, she feels more advantageous because of her bilingual strength. She has also gained confidence in her ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which has opened up new opportunities for her both personally and professionally. Overall, her bilingualism has become a valuable asset in her life.

I asked Victoria what her motivation is, and she gladly referred to her mom as her source of motivation. My mother always says to me, “If life hits you hard, hit it back.”

Victoria intrigues me, earning my admiration for such a go-getter. As she puts it, “I am someone who is stubborn, strong-headed, believes in my opinion, and healthily argues my points out.”

Her determination and confidence are truly inspiring, and it’s clear that Victoria is someone who doesn’t give up easily and is always striving for excellence. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things she will accomplish in the future.

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