The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of Wisconsin International University College Ghana, after several months of no student  leadership, would from tomorrow 23rd of July 2021 embark on an electoral process which would bring  back student leadership on the campuses of the school.  

The decision has come after several concerns raised by the students to put back student activities on  campus through an effective SRC.  

The elections, which would be held simultaneously on the Main and City campuses from 7am to  8pm  from Friday 23rd July to Saturday 24th July, 2021 would have three(3)polling stations as follows:

  1. Polling  Station one ( In front of Main campus Cafeteria)
  2. Polling Station two(2) , in front of Block D (Nursing  block) and
  3. Polling Station three(3) at the City Campus.

The following students are the candidates, the positions they are vying for and the courses they are offering.  

1. Paul Adu_ Gyamfi ( President/ 300Upper/ BSc Nursing) 

2. Charlotte Amma Acquah( Vice President/300 Upper/ BSc Information Technology)

3. Florence Akpene Aku Abba( General Secretary / 300 Upper/ BSc Management & Computer Studies).

4. Franklin D. Nelimor ( General Secretary / 300 Upper/ LLB 

5. Reagan Mould _ Ghartey( External Affairs President/ 300 Upper / BSc Information Technology).

6. Ophelia Mensah( External Affairs Secretary/ 300Upper/ LLB. 

7. Ebeinata Norbu ( P.R.O / 300 Upper/ BSc Information Technology) 

8. David Kenneth Selasi( P.R.O / 300 Upper /BA Communications Studies) 

9. Claudia Asantewaa ( Women’s Commissioner / 300 Upper / BSc Nursing). 

The Electoral Commission of the Students’ Representative Council of the University assures all  students of safety and security in the upcoming elections.  

All Students of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana are hereby advised to take active part before,  during and after the electoral process to bring back student leadership on campus. 

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