How to survive and thrive in your first year of University

University is a great chapter in any student’s life. You begin your University journey with enthusiasm and a lot of independence(especially if you are coming in straight from high school). You are usually faced with making critical decisions and taking actions that can either make a positive or negative impact on the rest of your University experience.

First and foremost, it is very important that you remember what you signed up for… quality education! right? As tempting as may be to skip class and watch T.V, play video games or simply sleep in…the better option is to GO TO CLASS. Attending classes is one of the best ways to get firsthand information from your lecturers. It is also an opportunity to get to know your lecturers as well as their expectations of you with regards to how to go about exams and clarify any confusion you may have about the course. Granted, there may be unforeseen, ‘beyond your control’ circumstances that may prevent you from attending class, it is understandable but all the same endeavour to make it a priority to attend class.

Explore campus. Don’t limit your time on campus to lecture halls. Make time after class to tour other parts of campus to get acquainted to other aspects of campus life eg. the Career center.

You cannot make the University journey all by yourself, you need to make connections that can become lifetime friendships. Good friends look out for each other, help each other with notes(in case you miss a class), serve as study partners and provide necessary emotional support through some of the difficult times you may face. Remember, building your network starts now!

Always save for a rainy day, don’t spend your money unnecessarily- create a budget to guide your spending and look for ways to cut down on your spending. Keep track of what you spend your money on, this will help you evaluate what is necessary spending and what can be eliminated to help you save.

Procrastination is the thief of time, it is true! Maybe in your “past life,” piling tasks up to the last minute worked for you. Well, I have to burst your bubble…that attitude will not work in University. Working under pressure in the University only adds on to your stress so get organized very early in the semester, give yourself deadlines and stick to them.

All the best!

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Ngozi Dickson
Ngozi Dickson
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