Volunteerism is the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community(

Volunteering helps you the participant(volunteer) to learn new skills and gain competencies that enhance your career development, especially in this competitive job market.

There are countless ways  to volunteer within the  community. Simply research the name of the organizations that match your interests, identify the contact person in charge of   volunteering ( in the case where there isn’t a specific person who handles it, the Human resources office will provide you the necessary feedback.

Depending on your area of interest or experience you have gained so far, make your services known and readily available. You can offer to volunteer your services for community service, data entry, research, event coordination, ushering,  marketing, research and development, data entry, peer tutoring, peer mentoring etc

Volunteering is a great self assessment tool way to discover more  about yourself. It helps you to answer questions like….Are you a good team player?  Do you enjoy administrative tasks or prefer spontaneity in your work flow? Do you like working independently, or as part of a team? Do you find fulfillment and a sense of achievement from working in/with a particular organisation/industry?

Volunteering offers you an opportunity to build your network;  you interact with people that have your interest in the same industry who you can gain a lot of knowledge from especially about your career aspirations and choices.It also is a great addition to your curriculum vitae under volunteer experience.

Wisconsin students are encouraged to take up volunteering opportunities to boost their professional development and career readiness.



Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your community! Get started on being the change YOU want to see.

Please feel free to drop in at   the Wisconsin Career Services Center for assistance with your application and preparation.

All the best!

Ngozi Dickson
Ngozi Dickson
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