The value of an INTERNSHIP

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An internship is a work experience which is directly related to your major field of study or your career interest. Internships provide a great opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in the work environment under the supervision of a professional.

Internships are either paid or unpaid and usually range from 6-12 weeks during the long vacation or it can be on a part-time basis throughout the academic year.

Why you should consider an INTERNSHIP?

  • An opportunity to gain valuable work experience to give you a competitive edge in your  career pursuits
  • It helps to boost your already existing skillset while developing  new and relevant
  • You get to experience the practical side of your coursework and apply the knowledge you have acquired
  •  It gives you a sound platform to explore your  potential career options
  • Provide good networking opportunities to establish  contacts with professionals
  • You get to experience the world of work and learn about the various  work cultures that pertains
  • Through an internship, you may actually end up working your dream job in your dream organization.

Tips to finding an internship

  • Start early. Finding the right internship requires dedication and takes time. It is advisable to start the internship search months early in order to find the right one.
  • Many internship programs have deadlines as early as fall for the following summer.
  • Some internships may require specific coursework or experience to be eligible.
  • Finding a good internship means competing with other equally good students, so build a competitive edge by participating in student organizations, community service and leadership activities to enrich your CV and increase your skillset.
  • First year students are advised to use their first year to participate in lots of volunteer work and leadership activities before starting an internship.


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