Tough Decisions

Do you find it hard to make decisions? Well researchers say:
The basic process that decision-makers use when confronted with a decision involves:

a) listing relevant choices,
b) identifying potential consequences of each choice,
c) assessing the likelihood of each consequence actually occurring,
d) determining the importance of these consequences, and
e) combining all this information to decide which choice is the most appealing (Beyth-Marom et al., 1991).

A lot goes into making the right decisions, therefore it is okay to be confused, but your confusion should not last long.
What can you do to help ensure you’re making the right decision? It’s easier to make the right decision when you know what you really want.
 How can we help? Drop in and let’s get talking! We will help you;

  • Set Realistic Goals 
  • Take an Assessment Test
  • Research and Explore your options positively
  • Take a bold Step! Experience is the Best Teacher.
Ngozi Dickson
Ngozi Dickson
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