Brushing Across Borders: Navigating Campus Life With Nwanna Chisom, The Artist In Tech, Embarking On An Academic Journey At Wisconsin University

Nwanna Chisom, a spirited 300-level student from Nigeria pursuing a BSc. Management and Computer Studies brings a unique twist to the international student experience. Beyond the traditional narrative of coursework and campus activities, Nwanna seamlessly blends his passion for art, technology, and cultural exploration.

As the President of the Nigerian Students Association, Nwanna is not just a student; he’s a vibrant connector with a keen social intelligence that mirrors his commitment to networking. Choosing Wisconsin International University College, Ghana for its flexibility, he saw an opportunity not just to study but to immerse himself in a new life and unearth diverse opportunities. Lost phones sometimes lead to unexpected discoveries. In Nwanna’s case, misplacing his phone became the catalyst for discovering his digital cartooning prowess.

Painting became more than a hobby; it became a channel for artistic expression that complemented his academic pursuits. Studying BSc. Management and Computer Studies wasn’t just a strategic choice for Nwanna; it was a fusion of his interests in business and IT. His favorite course, Programming Language C++, exemplifies his passion for the technical intricacies of the field. Beyond the classroom, Nwanna’s interests are as diverse as his international journey.

From working out to cooking, drawing, playing football, coding, and engaging in online courses, he continually hones his skills, creating a multifaceted portfolio. Ghana, with its warm hospitality and peaceful atmosphere, left an indelible mark on Nwanna. He emphasizes the positive impressions Ghanaians leave on visitors, fostering a sense of global camaraderie.

While visions of a career in both the business and IT worlds dance in his mind, Nwanna’s immediate goal is to become an experienced Mobile App Developer and lend a helping hand to his father’s business. His financial acumen, earning him pride from his father, showcases a holistic approach to personal and academic responsibilities. As he navigates the seas of academia, Nwanna extends valuable advice to fellow international students: manage time wisely, forge connections, and build relationships with lecturers. His wisdom stems from a well-rounded perspective, emphasizing the importance of a holistic student experience.

And amidst his academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors, Nwanna still finds time to savor the flavors of Ghana. His favorite dish, fufu and light soup, serves not just as a culinary delight but as a bridge connecting him to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture. In the future, Nwanna envisions touring Switzerland, captivated by the country’s unique beauty and cultural richness.

For now, he continues to paint his academic journey with vibrant strokes, creating a masterpiece that transcends borders and embraces the fusion of art, technology, and global connection.

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