On the 31st of October 2019, MPA hosted a team of young students from Wisconsin University together with the school’s Head of Department of Development and Environmental Studies at our office in East Legon-Accra.
The team who came on a study tour at MPA was taken through social interventions and innovative concepts MPA has introduced since its inception in 2005. These include the introduction of Telemedicine, Farmers’ Field School, Community Health Workers, Community Education Workers, implementation of the then Millenium Development Goals(MDGs) interventions and the current Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) interventions.

The rationale was to share practical developmental steps and lessons with these students to aid the practicality of their studies.

The Executive Director of MPA, Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko, made the visiting delegation aware that “as development agents, MPA looks into addressing developmental challenges by walking into empty spaces. We classify the challenges, particularly those faced by people living in hard-to-reach communities, and devise solutions to contribute to a better life for as many of these people as possible in our operational jurisdiction. This we execute without giving such social struggles any terminological connotation and we always remain loyal to traditional and local knowledge. We see these as fundamental coordinates of our compass as defined by human rights, cultural norms, social justice, equity and equality.

These aforementioned factors, together with solidarity, happens to be a key reference point against which our interventions are measured. In that sense, we actively involve the people in the whole process which gives rise to a sense of ownership, leadership, and continuity leading to sustainability. Consequently, we are guided by a constant process of critical self-reflections about what we do and how we do it – and the purposes and motivations driving us in our engagements in all our interventions”.

Audiovisual reports on some of the activities were played for the students and Senior Program Officers from MPA took turns to share their programs with the team and responded to their questions accordingly.
The engagement inspired the visiting team to want to get involved in the action towards the achievement of the SDGs.
Follow us as we engage the youth in Ghana and the global community on the attainment of Agenda 2030!

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