Q: Please how do I apply?

ANS: Visit our website at ( ) to apply

Q: How many days does it take?

ANS:  It takes a span of two weeks to a month (NB: It is not an instant loan)

Q: When is the deadline?

ANS: The deadline is not yet out so students are entreated to go ahead and apply

Q: When do I need to pay back?

ANS: Every student/beneficiary has 2 years grace period after completion to repay their loans

Q: What is the interest rate on the student loan?

ANS: The interest rate is 1% of the principal amount for every month and 12% per annum.

Q: Can freshers apply?

ANS: You can apply once you gain admission at Wisconsin

Q: What is the maximum or minimum one can get per semester?

ANS: The maximum amount is Ghs 3,000 and the minimum amount is Ghs 1,500 for every academic year

Q: Can graduate/Masters students apply?

ANS: No. The loan is open to only undergraduate students

Q: Can International/Foreign Students apply?

ANS: No the loan is open to only Ghanaian students

Q: What are the requirements to apply for the student loan

ANS: All you need are the following which must be uploaded during application,

  1. Passport Picture
  2. Ghana Card
  3. Ezwich Card
  4. Student ID or Admission letter
  1. All documents should be in PDF format
  1. What is the Students Loan Trust Fund?

ANS: The Students Loan Trust Fund is a public institution established under the Trustee Incorporation Act 1962, Act 106 to provide financial resources for the benefit of students and to promote and facilitate the national ideals as enshrined in Articles 25 and 38 of the 1992 Constitution. It is to replace the SSNIT Students Loan Scheme. The Students Loan Trust Fund Act 2011, Act 820 has been passed by Parliament.

  1. How do I get my complaints addressed and who do I channel my complaints to?

ANS: You can forward your complaints to our campus office. You can also send your complaints through the email or call us on 0302231886/7 or visit the student loan trust office at the Academic block, Wisconsin University.

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