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wisconsin library

The Wisconsin International University College (WIUC) Library was established in 2002 as a valuable partner in supporting the University’s pursuit towards excellence in teaching, learning, research and other interests of faculty, students and the non-teaching staff of the University community as well non- members of the University.

Every Library plays a unique role in the intellectual life of the University. It offers individual and collaborative learning space as well as rich print, digital collections and expert research assistance.

wisconsin library

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wisconsin library

The library started with a total of 500 materials and two full time staff members. Currently, it has a stock of over thirteen thousand (13,000) books in its three libraries; namely the Main, Law, Nursing and City Campus Libraries. The collection covers all subject areas taught at WIUC. 

wisconsin library

These include subjects in the Humanities, Computer Science, the Social Sciences, Law and Nursing. The collections were initially housed in an underground basement as the Library in the early 2000’s.  From 2006, the collections were housed in a rented premise just directly opposite the Main Campus, which could seat just around 50 users at a time. 

wisconsin library

The library again moved in 2008 to another location on the Main Campus seating 100 students at a time. In 2011, the Library moved to its ultra-modern Library Complex which has a seating capacity of about 600 and total staff strength of 8 full time staff and 3 support staff.

The total collection is made up of 12,637 books, 1152 serial titles, 8 Newspaper titles, 1,802 Government publications, 36 online databases, 90 reports and 2,805 dissertations.