Prudential Bank’s General Manager Mr. Emmanuel Dadzie was the first speaker at the maiden ‘Time with the Experts’ forum held on 19th November, 2019. The fora will provide graduate students with masterclasses from industry leaders.

Speaking on the topic ‘Information Systems as a Career’,  Mr. Dadzie, who is also Deputy Head of IT at Prudential Bank, said information systems were key to the growth of any country’s financial systems as they helped prevent fraud.

He added that IT systems are also essential in tracking financial transactions in the informal sector, addressing the challenges that government is facing in taxation of this sector.

Other essential services such as record-keeping are enhanced when information systems are implemented. This can be useful in sectors such as healthcare.

Mr. Dadzie added that it was time the sub-region embraced Information Systems because of the interest that global information systems companies have in Ghana.

However, Mr. Dadzie said that the lack of end-user participation in most of the software acquired by organisations in Ghana was a major challenge. This, he said, made it difficult for IT personnel to customise the software to meet the unique requirements of their organisation, which was unacceptable.

Dr. Albert Gemegah, the Dean of the School of Research and Graduate Studies, said: “‘Time with the Experts’ is an important programme which provides the opportunity for industry leaders to interact with our graduate students.”

He added that the maiden presentation had served as an eye-opener as he was of the notion that information systems were a huge infrastructure with complex operations.

However, the forum had educated participants that information systems can be broken down into simpler components which can benefit individuals in their daily lives.

The presentation ended with a question and answer session which ensured that students had further insight into IT.

‘Time with the Experts’ is an initiative of the School of Research and Graduate Studies at Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. The fora are held at the Main Campus in North Legon.