Global founder of Wisconsin International University, Dr John Buuck, said he was impressed by the progress WIUC-Ghana had made since its inception in 1998. Dr Buuck paid a visit to WIUC-Ghana’s Main Campus on 7th April, 2017.

Dr John Buuck is the President of Wisconsin International University (WIU) in the USA. He and Chancellor, Rev. Dr. Paul K. Fynn, were the founders of WIUC-Ghana.
 “The first time I was here, there was just one building and no students. Now there are so many buildings and thousands of students. This is truly the realisation of the dream we had,” Dr Buuck said.

As well as touring various facilities on campus including the computer labs, Nursing skills lab and the library, Dr Buuck took time to interact with faculty, staff and students.
Executives of the Student Representative Council (SRC) presented the WIU president with souvenirs including a Wisconsin lapel pin, a branded pen drive, and a plaque of the student hall of residence which bears his name.
The establishment of the Wisconsin International University College, Ghana was initiated and facilitated by Dr. Buuck and Rev. Dr. Fynn in 1998.

It received its Interim Accreditation in January 2000 under the name University College of Wisconsin International University - Ghana (UCWIU-Gh).It was thus one of the first private universities to receive accreditation.

WIUC-Ghana began its operations in August 2000 under Rev. David Asante Dartey as Director and Togbe Kwao Anipati IV as Dean of Academic Studies with nine International MBA students, the first MBA programme to be run by a private university in Ghana.

Wisconsin International University has branches in Europe, Asia and South America.

Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, is, however, independent from its parent in the USA, as its programmes of study are determined and its degrees awarded by its mentor institutions – University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.