Government should encourage payment of public services by mobile money to reduce corruption, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications CEO Kwaku Sakyi-Addo has said.

Mr Sakyi-Addo was speaking at a seminar organised by Wisconsin International University College’s School of Communication Studies on the theme ‘From Homo Sapien to Phono Sapien: How A Chip Changed the World’.

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications CEO said: “Mobile money transactions are traceable and therefore provide greater accountability and transparency than cash transactions.”

Citing an example of the recently launched online passport application platform, Mr Sakyi-Addo added that making payments simpler and more convenient would cut out unscrupulous middlemen. It would also reduce defaulters who deprive government of much-needed revenue.

The Telecomms Chamber boss further urged government to incentivise consolidation of telecommunications organisations, adding that too many players did not necessarily guarantee effective competition, lower prices or better quality of service.

Mr Sakyi-Addo also called for more support by government for tech start-ups and young developers, citing examples of how tech solutions are currently being used to create efficiencies in agriculture, health provision, transportation and law and security.

He added that greater regional regulatory harmonization would help to propel the telecommunications industry forward.
Pointing to a future world run on computer chips, from programmed garments to driverless cars, Mr Sakyi-Addo said: “Never in the history of mankind has something so small, done so much for so many.”