Wisconsin International University College Ghana (WIUC-GH) in collaboration with the Global Institute for Christian Living organized a seminar on the theme “The proper social development of a people is an investment to the ethics capital of the nation for its progress and prosperity” on 11th May, 2019.

The event which doubled as a seminar and launch of the Christian Formation Leadership program a 12 week program which is to train individuals to serve as certified Christian Formation Coaches in their local churches and whatever setting Christian Discipleship is needed.

President of the Global Institute for Christian Living Rev.Dr. Samuel Mills in his address said that ethical standards were nuggets in individuals which were the benefits of a prosperous country. He added that the launch of the certificate programme was to furnish the right skills to people in order for them to share the information and knowledge.

Guest Speakers at the ceremony were Rev. Dr. Dora Bortey President of Life Ministries, Mr. Richard Ackom Quayson Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ and Rev.Dr. Fred Deegbe Head Pastor Calvary Baptist Church.

Deputy Commissioner of the CHRAJ in his address stated that the indiscipline being experienced in the country currently is the result of missed opportunities by parents in bringing up their children in ethical and morally upright ways. He added that a program of this nature was to help imbibe in children values of integrity and moral uprightness.

Head Pastor of the Calvary Rev.Dr. Fred Deegbe in his remarks also added that the history of societies showed that ethical formation was important, with progressive societies having a strong ethical and moral formation. He added that not paying attention to the right formation of the individual resulted in the excesses and the need to transform him or him later in life was likely to turn out as a challenge.

The certificate course in Christian Formation Leadership which will commence in January, 2020 will see students taking through the techniques of Parenting, the 7 modes of Child Parenting and many others. Target groups are Parents, Sunday School Teachers, Marriage Counsellors, Motivational Speakers as well as anyone who is concerned about ethical standards in society.