DRESS FOR SUCCESS!!                                            […]
CHECK LIST (short list) FRESHMAN YEAR (FIRST YEAR): KNOW THYSELF Learning what you enjoy doing (your interests, what you are good at doing (your skills),[…]
Your career objective is usually one of the first things a potential employer sees when he looks at your resume. Crafting a well-structured and enticing[…]
Selecting a career objective is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your ideal career objective is the one that allows you to[…]
 The Career Services Centre in collaboration with the Business School invites the entire student body especially level three and level four students to a workshop[…]
Do you find it hard to make decisions? Well researchers say:The basic process that decision-makers use when confronted with a decision involves: a) listing relevant[…]
There are countless benefits to the derived from career planning but one of the most important benefit is the sense of control you begin to[…]
TEN TOP THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND 1. APPEARANCE -first impressions last a long time 2. ATTITUDE -a learned behavior, make it positive 3. FRIENDLINESS[…]
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