Wisconsin International University College Alumni( WIUCA) was formed in 2009 and registered by the Registrar General Office as an Association. Its mission is to contribute to the development of WIUC and its alumni through improvement and development of projects and programmes, provision of financial and material support and enhancing networking and career development among the alumni.

Over the last few years the association has developed and helped maintain active alumni interactions and enhanced the image of WIUC through self-enrichment, career development and role modeling in the wider society.

WIUCA seeks to continually enhance and maintain links among members of the alumni and between alumni and WIUC, enhance the image of WIUC and promote WIUC as a premiere local, regional and international institution of excellence in tertiary education, assist needy but brilliant WIUC students by contributing to their academic requirements such as book allowances and any other financial contribution.

With the commitment of its members and the tenacity to strive for excellence many laurels have been achieved and many more accolades are yet to come. We therefore humbly invite you to join the association by registering online.