The ‘Adversity Quotient’ – the ability to surmount challenges – is the new measure for success , Prof. Goski Alabi, Dean, CIEC, University of Professional Studies, Accra, has said at a seminar to lay bare the realities of life after university.

“Those who climb (up the ladder) are not the ones who fizzle out at the slightest hint of trouble,” Prof. Alabi said at the What I Wish I Knew Before Leaving University (WIWIK-BLU) seminar.

The seminar is hosted annually at Wisconsin and other university campuses by social enterprise SOLNetwork and is aimed at being an eye-opener for final-year students to the workings of the ‘real world’.

Speaking on the seven commandments for every graduate, Mr Gabriel King Akpalu, Executive President of SOLNetwork, said researching one’s chosen industry, attending seminars and workshops in one’s area of interest, volunteering, and building a network of contacts, were important to success.

Wi-Tech Group CEO, Mr Ibrahim Wuntah, who spoke on the shocks of starting a business, said knowing oneself, forming the right relationships and teamwork were important ingredients for starting, sustaining and succeeding in entrepreneurship.

On transformational leadership, Dr Jeff Bassey, Executive Director, GTI, emphasised the importance of not mistaking position for leadership, saying: “Leaders must influence with actions and confidence. They must share their vision and purpose, practice integrity and honesty, communicate, respect and include, and involve.”

Plenary sessions sandwiched in between speakers enabled students to pick up nuggets from lecturers, entrepreneurs, alumni and student leaders on the million-dollar question of what they wish they knew before leaving university and other life lessons.

The themes emerging from the plenary sessions pointed out qualities necessary for post-university success including patience, persistence, planning, preparation as well as commitment, teamwork and networking.