Online Fee Payment / Course Registration


  1. Follow payment instructions/options below
  2. Email copy of your bank receipt/Momo Pay to Accounts Office – ( or
  3. Wait for an official email from REGISTRY to “Release Hold on Registration”
  4. OSIS Students: Please proceed to the link to register Online
  5. Please note: Payment of Fees with Course Registration before the Registration Deadline is subject to Late Registration Penalty


Payment Option 1


Payment Option 2

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select (2) MoMo Pay & Pay Bill
  3. Select (2) Pay Bill
  4. Select (3) School Fees
  5. Select (2) By name
  6. Enter School Name (e.g. WISCONSIN)
  8. Enter Student ID (e.g. WIUC/03/0002)
  9. Enter Amount (e.g. 2000)
  10. Enter reference (e.g. School Fees) (School fees Wisconsin International University College – William Smith)
  11. Authorize payment for GHC 2000 from your account. Enter MM PIN to continue



NOTE: MOMO charges will apply. You will receive a message confirming your payment. Please note that Daily MOMO transaction limits may affect the amount you wish to pay


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