Job title: 
Ag. Vice Chancellor
Central Administration

Dr. Carlos Arrow is a health professional with more than 20 years combined nursing, healthcare management, organisational development change and military experience.

Dr Arrow attended the State University of New York, where he graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Health Studies. He obtained his BSc degree in Nursing and Health Science from Syracuse University, Utica College. His first postgraduate degree in Health Care Management and his second, in Business Management, were from Colorado Technical University. Dr Arrow went on to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy; Doctor of Management, specialising in Organization Development and Change with a focus on High Risk Injuries at the same institution.

Before joining Wisconsin International University College, Dr Arrow volunteered for 15 years in the US Military as a captain with the Combat Aviation Brigade out of Fort Hood, Texas, USA. Additionally, he served with the New York State National Guard as a Medical Officer for two years. Dr. Arrow has also served two combat war tours in Iraq, Kuwait, and a peacekeeping mission in the Balkans.

After military service, he extended his professional career for five years to serve as the Health, Safety Environment and Quality Operations Director for Cameron International Corporation, and Missouri Energy Corporations respectively.

 Dr Arrow is a member of Global Public Health, American Nursing Association, Academy of Management, and the Texas Association for Teacher Educators. 

 He has published and co-authored two books – High Risk Injuries and Disability for Non-Profit Organizations – and published in seven peered-reviewed research publications on healthcare management.

Dr. Arrow is currently pursuing a postdoctorate degree in Public Health (Epidemiology) at Capella University. He also has expertise in Health and Safety Compliance and Management and Occupational Health.