Should your personality or temperament help you decide what to study, who to marry or help you make other important life choices? Apparently it should, as Wisconsin students learned at a ‘personality seminar’ hosted by the Barrytraum Group International.

Around 80 Wisconsin students attended the free Personality, Behaviour and Performance Seminar in West Legon, organised by the Nigerian Students Association (NSA). Its purpose – to help students dig a little deeper into who they are and why they act the way they do. 

By answering a series of questions, participants were able to determine their temperament and learn more about the strengths and weaknesses associated with their personality type.

Facilitator George Twum-Barima from the Barrytraum Group International explained the four temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. 

He said that although everyone leans strongly towards one of these personality types, most people have traits that fall into other categories. Mr Twum-Barima also explained how understanding one’s temperament could help them in making decisions such as which career to choose. For example, marketers would normally be extroverts.

Understanding your personality type could also be helpful in choosing who to marry, as opposite temperaments would balance each other out better.

The four personality types/temperaments are:

Sanguine: Sanguine people are boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional and social extroverts.

Melancholic: Melancholic people are emotionally sensitive, perfectionists and introverts.

Phlegmatic: Phlegmatic people are meek, submissive introverts who live to please others.

Choleric: Cholerics are extroverts and are leaders and directors. They seek to be in control of situations, to be on top, to be the best.

NSA president Ekanem Blessing said: “I had always thought that I was more of a sanguine, but the summit really opened my eyes to know that I am more of a choleric.

“I would encourage students to engage themselves in such exercises of self-realisation.  As we learned from the summit, do not compare yourself with anyone else, because when you do you are insulting yourself and God's work."

Lunch was provided by the NSA.