Wisconsin’s Rotaract Club made not one, but two donations to less fortunate children at the weekend. Club members visited both the Handi*Vangelism Children's Home in Haatso and the Methodist Rafiki Orphanage, Winneba, all on the same day. 

The marathon donations were made by 18 Rotaractors from Wisconsin’s Rotaract Club, Rotaractors from the University of Ghana, a visiting Rotaractor from the Rotaract Club of University of Ilorin, Nigeria and guests. 

The first donation took place at the Handi*Vangelism Children's Home in Haatso, where the group was warmly received by the Home’s coordinator, Pastor Ashley.

The Rotaractors walked around the premises to see the few facilities available. The occupants of the children's home – all boys aged between 6 and 24 – were very pleased to see the group.

The children’s home currently houses 29 males. Among them are boys who are in basic school and some who are now in tertiary institutions. The facility also serves as a foster home for young adults. 

Citing some of the challenges faced by the children's home, Pastor Ashley pointed out that the government has not made any provision to cater for underprivileged young people. 

He added that were it not for the intervention of such orphanages and foster homes, young people, like the ones the home catered for, would be exposed to vices such as crime. 

Wisconsin’s Rotaractors helped some of the boys do their laundry while getting to know them better. The Club then made a donation of clothing, food items and other relief materials. 

The group proceeded to the Methodist Rafiki Satellite village in Winneba, approximately 2 hours and 30mins from Accra. The Methodist Rafiki Orphanage was established by The Rafiki Foundation, founded in the US. In 2008, the Methodist Church took over and has been responsible for the running the orphanage ever since.

The Orphanage’s Social Relations Officer, Mrs Mercy Asante, showed them around the facility, which is situated on a 20-acre piece of land donated by the Methodist Church. 

The Orphanage currently caters for 39 children aged between 3 and 14 years. Each cottage serves as a children's dormitory and accommodates 10 children. They are looked after by four house mothers. Teachers come in daily to educate the children.

The Orphanage’s Director, Rev. Ekwo-Fey, said that they too rely on donations from the church, well-wishers, and the Care Reform Initiative, which supports orphanages. 

After singing and interacting with the children, the Rotaractors donated foodstuffs and other relief items to the Orphanage.

Wisconsin Rotaract Club president Michael Udokwu said: “In undertaking this project we made sure we registered the essence of being Rotaractors in the minds of our guests and everyone who supported our cause.

“We can find happiness and fulfillment in rendering selfless service to humanity regardless of the degree to which we do it. Ultimately, as Rotaractors, we have kept our cause focused on the theme of the 2015-2016 Rotary year- "Be a gift to the world".

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