The only thing needed to change Africa is good leadership, students heard when the Eagles Summit Africa 2015 lecture series made a pit stop at Wisconsin. The annual lecture series aims to inspire a culture of excellence and transformational leadership among the next generation of leaders.

Barrister Ogochukwu Nweke, an international trainer and educational coach; Mrs Rispa Frimpong, Director of Marketing and International Relations at WestEnd University College; and eTV Africa TV presenter Mr Green Ndune were among speakers at the event, held at Wisconsin’s Main Campus.

Speaking on the kind of leadership that would transform the continent, Barrister Ogochukwu said: “What we should seek is significance, rather than mere success. It should not be about buying a big car or a big house, but about what contribution you are making to society.”

Good leaders, he said – think “generationally” – far into the future, instead of being “popcorn thinkers”, focussing only on the present. Barrister Ogochukwu cited Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, and Julius Nyerere as some of Africa’s leaders who thought far beyond their own time.

He added that the only thing that Africa lacked which caused it to lag far behind other more developed continents was good leadership.

“Do the right thing. Do not wait to be seen. Do not wait to be applauded. Start the fire, and others will catch on,” Barrister Ogochukwu charged the students.

The Eagles Summit Africa leadership and empowerment lecture series and awards are now in their fourth year. This year’s theme is ‘Africa's Rise - The role of the contemporary African (focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation)’.

Organiser OB Sinachy said: “We want to equip participants with the requisite mind-set and attitude for transformation, beginning with themselves, and then transforming neighbourhoods, communities, cities, nations and the continent at large.”

The Eagles Summit series targets leaders, professionals and tertiary-level students.

The Eagles Summit Africa 2015 lecture series will visit WestEnd University College in Kasoa and Zenith University College on 30th October and 5th November respectively. Wisconsin students can attend these lecture series if they missed out on the Wisconsin one.

The lecture series will be followed by a Leadership Awards ceremony in February 2016.